Case Results

Leppard v. Aire Technics, Inc. and ATI Advantage, LLC

October 2017

Waller County, Texas

Breach of Shareholder Agreement, Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Application for Temporary Restraining Order

October 2017

  • Lead counsel for defendant shareholders, corporation and LLC, in lawsuit filed by minority-interest shareholder, alleging waste of corporate assets, wrongful termination and removal as director, breach of shareholder agreement.

  • Final Judgment on defendant counter-claims, damages awarded defendants.
  • Plaintiff actions dismissed with prejudice.

  • Aire Technics: $52,851.71 damages, $132,218.50 sanctions, $116,712.50 attorney's fees.
  • ATI Advantage: $23,943.76 damages, $91,454.50 sanctions, $82,587.50 attorney's fees.
  • Execution on judgment recovered all ownership interests in corporation and LLC held by minority-interest shareholder plaintiff.

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